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Published in 2008 by the U.S. Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island

ISBN 978-1-884733-52-9

GPO Stock Number: 008-020-01573-3

                                             Cover Photo by Sidney L. Norwitz
Classic insurgents, terrorists, guerrillas, militias, police agencies, criminal organizations, mercenaries, pirates, drug cartels, apocalyptic religious extremists, orchestrated rioters and mobs, and tribal factions — all of these disparate organizations, defined as "armed groups", can and do pose major security challenges to the United States.

With one exception, each of the 32 chapters was written specifically for this volume and has not been previously published. The chapters cover a broad array of disciplines, ranging from such traditional areas of research as history, political science, anthropology, sociology, theology, and economics, to matters of ethics, technology, intelligence, education, the law, diplomacy, military science, and even mythology.  

Its 500 pages of comprehensive coverage and new insights make Armed Groups eminently suitable for adoption as a college and graduate-level textbook.


No profit was realized in creating this edited collection.

All production costs were covered by the generosity of the

Naval War College Foundation.

As a result, a 500-page top-quality college text book can be sold for 


Purchase bound edition from GPO Bookstore here

Our goal was to get ideas into the hands and minds of students and concerned citizens. 

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